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Flamenco, Spanish, Classical and Electric guitar Experienced and patient tuition, in Spanish and basic Chinese, English

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Solo flamenco guitar performance and combinations with flamenco singers, dancers and other musicians – contact us

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Canela是弗拉门戈和西班牙古典吉他音乐在中国的传承大使。 Canela is a humble ambassador of the World Heritage of Flamenco and Spanish Guitar in China. Canela位于上海,可以为不同类型的活动提供从古典到现代各类风格的弗拉门戈音乐。我们可以承接聚会活动,商业演出等。 Canela are based in Shanghai and play a variety of programmes for different type of events from classical to upbeat flamenco rhythms, music that can move the soul or start a party.


Kike Sáez – Spanish guitarist
Spanish guitarist: Kike Sáez

Flamenco is a treasure of Spanish culture. I would like to share what I know and contribute to intercultural enrichment between Spain and China. 西班牙吉他家:师煜昊 巴塞罗那 Liceu 音乐学院毕业, 从师于西班牙弗拉门戈吉他大师 Manuel Granados。 丰富的弗拉门戈吉他教学经验。

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    Tuition in Flamenco and other guitar styles

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    Available for solo guitar performance

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    Tuition available in Spanish and some Chinese and English!

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    available to collaborate with local artists


I started to play guitar when I was 13 years old. From 16 years old, my interest in flamenco guitar started to get stronger while listening to Paco de Lucía. Years after, I participated in a short course provided by Manuel Granados, where he encouraged me to study with him in a professional way in Liceu Conservatory located in Barcelona. I spent 5 years learning from him, one of the most prestigious guitarists in the flamenco world. This experience enriched and influenced me in many ways: pedagogical methodology, flamenco techniques, composition skills and guitar performance.

I have participated in many musical events in Spain and Latin America, collaborating with different organizations and institutions at regional level. I play both as flamenco soloist and as accompany guitarist. Years of performance experience have made me more passionate about flamenco music, and capable of playing at the stage. I am good at different flamenco styles, such as Granainas, Tangos, Tarantas, etc. Flamenco guitar has broadened my perspective about human sensitivity.


Kike is a real person

Kike Sáez

Spanish Guitarist
西班牙吉他家:师煜昊 巴塞罗那 Liceu 音乐学院毕业, 从师于西班牙弗拉门戈吉他大师 Manuel Granados。 丰富的弗拉门戈吉他教学经验。 Spanish guitarist: Kike Sáez Graduated from Liceu Conservatory, Barcelona. Disciple of flamenco guitar master Manuel Granados. Extensive experience of teaching flamenco guitar.

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